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1) Real Vegas Buffets Reviews & 2) Tips and Tricks for Vegas Visitors

1 - Best and Cheapest Buffets in Las Vegas - Vegas Buffets Reviews without 'filters' and.... Really Objective!  You can access the list of all reviewed Vegas buffets by going to the menu on the left and pointing the arrow on the title 'Vegas Buffet Reviews':  you will be able to see a list of sub-titles (names of the many, many buffets reviewed).  Our list of good, average and cheap buffets reached by clicking hereOtherwise, go to our quick list of best Vegas buffets.

2 - Tips and Advice on how to make the most of your Vegas trip and... save money in the processPlease refer to the menu on the left for all topics. is about giving readers honest advice not only about buffets but also about hotels, casinos and other features which will be important for your enjoyment of your Vegas trip.  We aim to provide real honest information (no bias, no agenda and many recent updates) to help you make the best choices and hopefully save plenty of money in the process. 

 Las Vegas real buffet & special places-to-eat reviews. The best Sin City has to offer but also how to eat affordably in Vegas (tips and tricks for great deals) and anything for the budget-minded. Our buffet reviews section is written directly by us:  we just love going to La Vegas and we have learnt, over the years, how to make the best of our many, frequent visits in this really amazing place.  We have listed all the buffets we he have reviewed and you can go to this list by clicking here. 

 Las Vegas hotels and hotel money saving advice, as well as advice on spas, gyms, clubs, lounges, casinos and everything you need to know to make the most of your Las Vegas trip! Also, tips and tricks to make your money last longer!

Please visit the list of subjects we have covered on the left (many with subtitles, which you can see by scrolling down any page and keeping an eye on the left side).

We have also prepared a page dedicated to all the special buffet deals in Vegas.   The best DOWNTOWN VEGAS BUFFETS are reviewed here.  The best Hotel 'Deals' in Vegas are reviewed here.

Las Vegas Buffets Reviews Categories

(see list of buffets we have covered on this page below, click on the titles and you'll read our extensive review on each buffet - we have categorized top buffets,  cheapest buffets and average buffets): 

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Best Vegas Buffets

Star rating: 5: the very best; 4: excellent 

Studio B Buffet at M Resort at the M Resort (quality: almost 4 - selection: 5)

The Palms Buffet  (very cheap, excellent value - quality: 3.5 stars - selection: 3+)

Aria Buffet (quality: 4.5 stars - selection: 4.5 stars)

The Bellagio Buffet (quality: 4 stars - selection: 4 stars)

Cravings Buffet at the Mirage (quality: 5 stars - selection: 4)

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace (quality: 4.0 stars - selection: 5 stars)

The Wynn Buffet  (quality: 3.5 stars - selection: 4 stars)

Wicked Spoon at Cosmopolitan (quality: 3.5 - selection 3 stars)

Rio's Seafood Buffet (quality 2.5 - selection 4)

Todai Sushi & Seafood Buffet(quality: 3.5 stars - selection: ) 


The Red Rock buffet (off-Strip) 3 stars overall, top value, beautiful dining area)

Studio B at the M Resort:  (off South Strip) Excellent Value for Money on for midweek lunchy, huge selection, quality 4, selection 4.5

The Palms Buffet  (just off Strip - quality: 3.5 - selection: 3+)

Circus Circus Buffet (North Strip, quality 2.5 selection 3)

Paradise Buffet and Cafe (Freemont Resort) - downtown Vegas (no star rating)

The Main Street Station Buffet (downtown Vegas) (no star rating)

The Golden Nugget Buffet (downtown Vegas) no star rating

The Orleans Buffet (off-Strip) No star rating

The Gold Coast buffet (just off-Strip) No Star Rating, declined in quality

The Feast Buffet at the Palace Station (just off Strip) No Star Rating 


Star Rating:  3.5 or 3: a good (but) average buffet

MGM Grand Buffet (South Strip, Vegas) - (3 stars quality - selection: 3.5) getting better in 2014

Treasure Island Buffet (quality: 3 - selection: 3 stars - beautiful dining room, some unique dishes, beautifully presented)

The Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio (quality: 3.5 stars - selection 3.5)

Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo (no star rating - hugely declined lately)

Bayside Buffet, Mandalay Bay (quality: 2.5 stars - selection 2.5 stars)

The Golden Nugget (downtown Vegas, no star rating, it declined lately)

Indian Buffets in Las Vegas (good to average selection)

Rio's Carnival World Buffet (quality: 2.5 stars - selection: 4 stars)

Luxor Buffet (South Strip, Vegas) - (no star rating but salad section is good)

Monte Carlo Buffet (Mid to South Strip, Vegas) - (quality: 2 stars - selection: 2)

Flavor's Buffet (Harrah's, Mid Strip Vegas) - (quality: 2 stars - selection 2.5)

Stratosphere's Buffet (North Strip Vegas) - (quality: 2.5 stars - selection: 2.5 stars) this buffet has improved a little bit.

The Village at the Paris (quality: 2.5 stars - selection: 2.5 stars) it severely declined lately

Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood (quality: 2.5 stars - selection: 4)

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BEST BUFFETS IN VEGAS (including some very affordable ones!)


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